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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes

Downloads: Fsx Aircraft downloads
FSX/P3D (V.3) Arado-96b updated
The Arado Ar-96 was a German single-engine, low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, produced by Arado Flugzeugwerke. It was the Luftwaffe's standard advanced trainer during World War II. This package is an FSX update for a previous update by Michael Vader. It features a new VC and 2D panel, both based on the Alphasim Arado-196 floatplane. New camera views include rear-seat-view featuring the same crisp panel as the VC. According to Michael Vader, the original designer of the model is unknown, thanks to him anyway. Credits go to Michael Vader for finding this nice model on the internet and for his previous updates. Also thanks to Gary Jones for the sound. New panels and package compilation as well as new smoke effect by Michael Pook. Does not work in P3Dv4 31 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 5 ( 31 mb)
FSX/P3D (V.3) Arado-240 updated
The Arado Ar 240 was a German twin-engine, multi-role heavy fighter aircraft, developed for the Luftwaffe during World War II by Arado Flugzeugwerke. Its first flight was in 1940, but problems with the design hampered development, and it remained only marginally stable throughout the prototype phase. The project was eventually cancelled, with the existing airframes used for a variety of test purposes. This compilation of three variants of the Ar 240 is an FSX/P3D (version3 not 4) update of the FS2004 models by Chris Lampard, Morton and Shessy of SOH (reconnaisance, fighter bomber and nightfighter). It features FSX compatible all German gauges, a modified 2D panel and a new VC design. Smoke effect and new camera views added. New 2D panel configuration and camera views by Erwin Welker, VC design and configuration as well as smoke effect by Michael Pook. Thanks to the the designers of the model and to Erwin Welker for his cooperation. 25 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 4 (25 mb)
FSX/P3D Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon Gold Release
FSX/P3D Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon - Gold Release by Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Nigel Richards, Steve Bryant, Scott Thomas, Rachel Whiteford, and Sounds by Nigel Richards. Pilot figures by Jan Visser. Thanks to William Ellis for cockpit text updates. Pkg incl 8 models, a custom panel and gauges, custom sounds, custom Flight Model, and 12 liveries. 213 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/p3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 3 (213 mb)
FSX/P3D Native PV-1 Vega Ventura Package
FSX/P3D Native Lockheed PV-1 Vega Ventura by Milton Shupe, Tom Falley, Rachael Whiteford, and Sounds by Nigel Richards. Pilot figures by Jan Visser. Drop tank gauge by Robert Sanderson. Pkg incl 2 models (glass and solid nose), custom panel and gauge setup, custom sounds, custom Flight Model, and 4 liveries. 103 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 4 (103 mb)
FSX/P3D>v4 Royal Canadian Air Force Lockheed CP-140 Aurora
FSX/P3D>v4 Royal Canadian Air Force Lockheed CP-140 Aurora. The Lockheed CP-140 Aurora is a maritime patrol aircraft operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The aircraft is based on the Lockheed P-3 Orion, but uses the electronics of the Lockheed S-3 Viking. "Aurora" refers to the Roman goddess of dawn who flies across the sky each morning ahead of the sun and also refers to the Aurora Borealis, the "northern lights", that are prominent over northern Canada and the Arctic Ocean. The CP-140A Arcturus was a related variant used primarily for pilot training and coastal surface patrol missions. Comprehensive and detailed FSX native model by Team KBT. HD textures by Adrian Brausch. Fantastic model by Team KBT/Hiroaki Kubota. Assembled and tested in P3Dv4 by Chris Evans using available files. Should also be fine in FSX and earlier P3D versions. 80 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 2 (80 mb)
FSX/P3D Hawker Tempest Panel and Interior Update
This is a cockpit interior and panel update for the Hawker Tempest MKVI recently posted by A.F. Scrub. The package features four liveries, among them the beautiful display bird Blue Thunder. The focus of this update lies on the enhancement of the cockpit interior, an entirely revised photoreal virtual cockpit and 2D panel with animated yoke. Almost all the original gauges have been replaced with new ones, now giving the panels a much more authentic appearance and making them almost look like the real panel. Smoke effect added. Thanks to David Hanvey and Paul Barry for the original FS2004 model, to David Rickets, Jan Rosenberg, Dave Quincey and Matt Wynn for the repaints and to Morton from SOH for the great photoreal 2D panel, which is the base for the VC. Also thanks to A.F. Scrub for his latest native FSX update, which has made it possible to implement this VC, Also thanks to Andre Ludick for his prop texture and some tweaks to the aircraft.cfg. New VC and gauge configuration for the panels as well as interior enhancements and smoke effect by Michael Pook. Flap fix by A.F.Scrub included. 33 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 16.10.18 Downloads: 4 (33 mb)
FSX B-2A Stealth Bomber
The B-2A Stealth Bomber is the most sophisticated aircraft on the planet. She is essentially a 'Flying Wing' platform with no V-Tail, and is controlled by pre-programed flight computers stationed in various positions within the crew cabin and wings. There is one main computer that controls the aircraft, with two redundant back-up computers assigned to it in case of failure. All additional computers are assigned to functions involving flight control, system monitoring, data communications, and radar. Engine and aerodynamic effects are controlled by these computers which serve several actuators and ailerons, including the spoilerons, which further compensate for the lack of a V-Tail. In theory, and because of these computers, the aircraft is “Stall-Proof”. The only way it can stall is if the computers fail. There is no way she can be flown without the computers active. The REAL aircraft does almost everything based on pre-programed data, other than taxi to the runway (although this is also possible to program). Before each flight, the Mission is designed and then assigned to the Mission Flight Box (Portable Computer) which is then carried by the Commander to the aircraft, and the data from the box is “transferred” to the main on-board computers. Because of this, the B-2 cannot be flown until the box is ready for the mission, and pilots cannot simply jump in and fly her, with the exception that the data is transferred via satellite. Original aircraft design by Alphasim; VC Adaptation, panels and gauges by Philippe Wallaert. Sound by Ruggero Osto. Real world engine/aerodynamics, data and effects by Douglas E. Trapp. Also compatible with P3D up to v3.* but NOT P3Dv4 14 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 4 (14 mb)
FSX/P3D V3-V4 Hawker Tempest
FSX/P3D V3-V4 Hawker Tempest II As a result of the termination of the Tornado project, the Tempest II was designed from the outset to use the Bristol Centaurus 18 cylinder radial engine . Apart from the Centaurus engine , the Tempest II prototypes were similar to early series Tempest Vs.Tempest IIs produced during the war were intended for combat against Japan, and would have formed part of a proposed British Commonwealth long-range bomber force based on Okinawa, Tiger Force. The Pacific War ended before they could be deployed. Model by A.F.Scrub 16 MB
Author: O/S: ALL Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 2 (16 MB)
FSX/p3D, version3 Yak-28P Brewer
The Yakovlev Yak-28P Brewer is a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber, it was also manufactured in reconnaissance, electronic warfare, interceptor, and trainer versions. Based on the Yak-129 prototype first flown on 5 March 1958, it began to enter service in 1960. This is Erwin Welker's model, now with entirely reworked VC and 2D panels with mostly new Russian gauges. All credits go to Erwin Welker for his great model design, new panels by Michael Pook. 17.5 mb
Author: O/S: ALL Version: FSX/p3D
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 2 (17.5 mb)
FSX/P3D Northrop RF-61C Reporter Package
The Northrop RF-61C Reporter was the little known recon' sister of the famous P-61C Black Widow. One of the fastest airplanes of her era, the Reporter only served for a few years before being retired as the jet age was introduced. This is a comprehensive and detailed model with fully functioning Virtual Cockpit, dedicated flight dynamics, full animation and an instruction manual. Model by Dean Crawford, DC Designs. FDE by Pam Brooker. Fuel truck and engine effects by Mark Schimmer. 66 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 10 (66 mb)
FSX/P3D (V.3) Focke Wulf FW-58 updated
The Fw 58 was a low-wing monoplane with two piston engines mounted in nacelles on the wing leading edges. The crew sat under an enclosed canopy. Aft of the flight deck, the fuselage was open to form a moveable machine gun station. The tailwheel undercarriage was retractable. The Fw 58 was widely used for training Luftwaffe personnel. It was also used as a VIP transport, ambulance, feeder airliner, photo reconnaissance, and weather research aircraft. It was built under license in Bulgaria, Hungary and Brazil. It was also operated by several countries such as the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Turkey. This is an FSX panel update for the Focke Wulf FW 58, previously designed for FSX by A.F. Scrub. The package includes a wheeled and a float version of the aircraft. Both the new entirely remodeled and enhanced VC and the 2D panel are now equipped with all authentic German gauges. smoke and VC light added. The wheeled variant's engines are now automatically fired off on the runway. All credits go to A.F.Scrub for the original model, new VC, gauge configuration as well as smoke and vc light by Michael Pook. This is the whole aircraft. 22 mb
Author: O/S: FSX/P3D Version: all
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 2 (22 mb)
FSX/P3D McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II Package
The Alpha Simulation McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II rebuilt for FSX and P3D up to v4. Items reworked for FSX/P3D: 1. True FSX Native modeling, converted to FSX using ARNO’s MDLX program. 2. All new paints. 3. Working Combat Radar. 4. All paints are in DDS format. 5. Multiple Liveries. 6. New air configuration file. 7. New HD VC textures. 8. FSX Air File installed. 9. Camera views added. 10. Default and custom GPS. 11. FSX coded gauges and sub panels A collaboration created by the following flight simulation artist Antonio Diaz, Cirrus N210MS, Tim Conrad and David Robles. Sounds tied to Dino Cattaneo's F14 Tomcat 104 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 11.10.18 Downloads: 7 (104 mb)
FSX/P3D >v4 Gloster Meteor U Mk.1
FSX/P3D Gloster Meteor U Mk.16 The Gloster Meteor U Mk.16 was an unmanned target drone based on the F Mk.8. This was the second drone to be based on the Meteor, after the U Mk.15, which had been based on the F Mk.4. The first prototype U Mk.16 flew on 22 October 1956, the last U.16 conversion was made as late as 1972. This model represents Gloster Meteor U.16 WK800 ,belonging to the RAE at RAF Llanbedr. Native FSX/P3D (works in v4) model by A.F.Scrub 13.5 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/P3D
Added: 23.07.18 Downloads: 5 (13.5 mb)
FSX Curtiss (Wolfi) SB2C-1 to 5 Helldivers Improved Combined Package
The two packages that are contained in this offering was previously offered in 2 seperate packages, but for ease of distribution I've now combined these. I also did the following: 1. The aircraft.cfg files were tweaked. 2. Many textures were improved/corrected, they now sports the relevant stencilling as is applicable to the type. 3. The previously incorrect textured wing cannon issues that showed up on these models due to incorrect textures were also fixed, now all of these are case-specific to each of the related Helldivers as these are now colour-coded for the respective aircraft concerned. 4. The wheel-rims are also corrected and much more crisper. 5. The prop-blade textures was also improved. 71 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 23.07.18 Downloads: 6 (71 mb)
Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey
Bell-Boeing MV-22B Osprey, for FSX and P3D 186 mb
Author: O/S: ALL Version: FSX/P3D V3
Added: 26.06.18 Downloads: 11 (186 mb)
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