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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes

Downloads: Fsx Aircraft downloads
Grumman F7F Fire Tanker
Functional VC model included; Accurate Flight Model by Tom Falley; Functional Wing Fold, Retardant Drop Effects, and Radial Slow Start. 15 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 18.04.16 Downloads: 9 (15 mb)
AltraMax Version 2 Ultraligh
This is a Blender FSX Project created By Krispy1001(Kris Pyatt) Project Name: AltraMax Version 2 (Pilot Added) The AltraMax Blender FSX project is setup with animations, and 11 different variations of the aircraft. 44 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 29.03.16 Downloads: 9 (44 mb)
FSX/FS2004 Messerschmitt BF 109 G 10
FSX/FS2004 Messerschmitt BF109G10 The Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-10 'Gustav' was the most numerous German fighter in service with the Luftwaffe during the last years of WW2. By early Spring 1944, the Bf.109G-10 variant had replaced the Bf.109G-6 in mass-production, being powered by the DB 605D engine with an improved supercharger. Without external pylons, the G-10 was the fastest Bf-109G variant, with a top speeds of 550 km/h at sea level and 680 km/h at 7,400 m. Four mdls, clean or with guns/rocket launchers. Tested in FS2004/FSX/FSXacceleration, windows 7/8. GMAX mdl by A.F.Scrub. 9.4 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/FS2004
Added: 29.03.16 Downloads: 8 (9.4 mb)
Messerschmitt Me 108 B-1 "Taifun"
The virtual cockpit is fully instrumented and all of the moveable parts are animated. The cockpit canopy and the cargo door can also be opened via the shortkeys [Shift-E-1] and [Shift-E-2]. A checklist and a reference manual are included and all the items in the checklist are supported. 24.7 MB
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 29.03.16 Downloads: 16 (24.7 MB)
FSX Acceleration Aero A 102 Prototype
The Aero A.102 was a Czechoslovakian gull winged fighter aircraft that flew in prototype form in 1934. Climb rate, top speed and manoeuvrability proved good but landing speed was considered to be too high and no production followed. Original FS2002 mdl by Milan Lisner, upgraded to FSX Acceleration (only) by A.F.Scrub. 4.2 mb
Author: O/S: FSX Version: all
Added: 29.03.16 Downloads: 8 (4.2 mb)
FSX Junkers F.13
FSX Junkers F.13 six seat transport with a single six-cylinder in-line liquid cooled engine. Includes F13 float and wheel versions. By Craig Richardson / Classic Wings. 8 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 21.01.16 Downloads: 9 (8 mb)
Embraer A-29B Super Tucano Updated Package
Tim Conrad's Embraer A-29B Super Tucano for FSX SP-2 Acceleration. The Zip archive that contains this Readme file also contains the original Tim Conrad A-29B Super Tucano aircraft (ported to FSX version) with additional updates. 80 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 21.01.16 Downloads: 10 (80 mb)
Canadair F-86F Sabre RCAF Canadian Package
Canadair F-86F Sabre RCAF Canadian Package. Canadair Sabre CL-13B Mk. 2 with RCAF liveries: No.430 "Silver Falcon" Squadron, CL-13 MK.2, 413 "Tusker" Sqdn, 19213, 'Red Knight' 19415 and 439 'Tiger' Sqdn 19188. Complex and very high quality model created by SectionF8 team. Thank you to Grant MacLean for the great textures sets. . IMPORTANT: You must read the manual to fly and use this wonderful aircraft properly! Custom packaged by Chris Evans. 53 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 34 (53 mb)
FSX Dornier Do 28 B
The Dornier Do28 is a twin-engine STOL utility aircraft, manufactured by Dornier Flugzeugbau GmbH. This FSX Dornier Do 28 B model features both land and floatplane variants. Includes self-extracting installation and detailed PDF manual. By Craig Richardson. 55 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 18 (55 mb)
FSX/FS2004 PA-48 Enforcer
FSX/FS2004 PA-48 Enforcer With new ideas of how to keep the P-51 Mustang alive in 1968 and in service, the long-standing workhorse Merlin V- 12 was replaced with a turboprop. This mod was not funded by the USAF, but by Cavalier. The new modification was called the Turbo Mustang III. Later, Cavalier sold the project to Piper. In 1971 Piper built two Enforcers by heavily modifying two existing P-51 Mustang aircraft and fitting them with Lycoming T55-L9A turboprop engines (along with numerous other significant modifications). It was flight tested in April 1971. The USAF, under pressure from Congress, did order two prototype PA-48 from Piper. No other orders were placed and the project died. The two PA- 48 Enforcers do exist today at USAF Museums. Tested in FS2004/FSX/FSX Acceleration. GMAX model by A.F.Scrub 8 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/FS2004
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 13 (8 mb)
FSX/ Acceleration Boeing 221A Monomail
The 221A Monomail was a major advance in aircraft design, being one of the first all metal, stressed skin monoplanes built. Despite it's advances the 221A'a layout harked back to the biplane era, with the cabin forward, and open cockpit aft. Lack of a constant speed propeller prevented the Monomail's true success, as better twins were introduced by the time C-S props appeared. Only one 221A saw brief service between Chicago-Cheyenne. This is an FSX update of the great FS9 model by Tim Conrad. The package features an entirely reworked VC and cockpit interior as well as a newly configured 2D panel matching the VC in every respect. New smoke effect and new camera views have been added as well. Thanks to Tim Conrad for the original model and to Dale Caruso for his repaint. New VC, cockpit design, 2D panel and smoke effect by Michael Pook 14 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX/ Acceleration
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 13 (14 mb)
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon v1.3
incl 8 models, a custom panel and gauges, custom sounds, custom Flight Model, and 8 liveries. 101 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 26 (101 mb)
FSX Avro Vulcan Updated
This is the only FSX freeware Avro Vulcan with a functioning VC. The package features a new enhanced VC and 2D panel configuration with partly different gauges added. The VC now matches the 2D panel in every respect, including all the gauges the 2D panel displays. Original model for FS2004 by Capt. I. D'Attomo and Capt. G. Quai, smoke configuration by Tom Tiedman, first publication for FSX by Tom Woolstencroft and the great sound by Darren Law. New VC and 2D panel configuration as well as new fuselage color modification by Michael Pook. 34 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 17 (34 mb)
FSX Turbo Mustang III
FSX Turbo Mustang III. In 1957, the last of the active duty F-51s were withdrawn from ANG service. Extra fuel capacity in fixed tiptanks, stronger wingspars and a tall tail like the P-51H were added. With new ideas of how to keep the P-5 1 Mustang alive and in service, a Rolls Royce Dart 510 Turboprop was installed in civilian P-51 N6167U. This mod was not funded by the USAF, but by Cavalier. The new modification was called the Turbo Mustang III. Cavalier tried to get the USAF and other air forces interested in the project but no sales were made. Later, Cavalier sold the project to Piper and it became the PA-48 Enforcer. Tested in FSX/FS2004. GMAX model by A.F.Scrub. 16 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 12 (16 mb)
FSX Tu-95 Package
This version of the Tu-95 by Vladimir Zhyhulskiy is based on the package of Ted! I have added to the original military a fictional civil texture version (Ok . . . equipped with a rear gunner), also TCAS, FE panels of the Tu-114, extra VC panel for the civil version, right seat view, external views and reworked air.file and aircraft.cfg for gauges and systems! I have removed the nuke bomb effects from the original package for this version! Many thanks to Vladimir Zhyhulskiy for the original model, Ted for the original package, Philippe Wallaert for Master Caution and some engine gauges I have used, Dietmar Loleit for the TCAS and last but not least, Kelly McKernan for his great sound files! This is the complete aircraft with VC, tested only in FSX + Acceleration! 61 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 24.11.15 Downloads: 26 (61 mb)
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