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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes

Downloads: Fsx Scenery downloads
AI Ship Traffic For US East Coast V1
This package contains AI ship traffic files for the US East Coast to be used with my packages "63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic for Europe and South America" and "75 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic". With the three packages installed you will have a total of 138 ships travelling along the US East Coast from Fort Lauderdale to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The ships visit among other places Fort Lauderdale, Freeport, Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington, Norfolk, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Portland, Providence, Halifax, Saint Pierre et Miquelon and more. To make this package work you must first download and install in this sequence: "63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic for Europe and South America", "75 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic" "Patch for 75 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic" (If you install this patch you do not need the "Patch for 63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic") This package has been developed with contributions from among others Jean-Pierre Fillion, Didier "Lagaffe" Puentes and "Robystar". I would like to thank these three as well as everybody who have encouraged and supported the project or participated in the beta testing. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 11.10.13 Downloads: 7 (1 mb)
Soviet Delfin class CVL and Escort and YAK-141 Update Pack
Optimised as a multi role fleet escort with enhansed ASUW/AA and General purpose armament.Of the same vintage and role as the US Spruance class DDH/DDG, The Udaloys have not enjoyed quite the same sucess as the Spruance class, only a singe Udaloy II entering service. With attached effects versions, no effects, with and with out deckpark. Night maps and internal illumination. versions included.Also includes a update pack for Hadi Tahir's YaK-141 V.2, featuring a number of repaints, adds radar to the panel that will detect AI ships, and some nudges to the config file to make the model easier to handle aboard and in transitional flight. For FSX and AICarriers 2 12.4 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 05.10.13 Downloads: 5 (12.4 mb)
Chino Airport
Chino Airport (IATA: CNO, ICAO: KCNO, FAA LID: CNO) is a county-owned public-use airport located about three miles (five kilometers) southeast of Chino, a town in San Bernardino County, California. Photoreal scenery, autogen and many sketchup buildingd to see, custom objects. By Fernando Angel Gonzalez. 48 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 04.10.13 Downloads: 8 (48 mb)
Los Roques Archipelago And Airports
Los Roques Archipelago And Airports. This project rebuilds Venezuela's Los Roques archipelago, adds the Gran Roque (SVRS) and Dos Mosquises (SVDM) airports, and includes AI flight plans, boat traffic, and a custom terrain mesh for Gran Roque. Accurate coastlines and lakes, as well as corrected landclass and waterclass are provided based on the latest available satellite imagery. Although current satellite imagery for this region only exists in relatively low resolution, an abundance of aerial photography was used to add custom features to Gran Roque and Dos Mosquises. Updates were created or rebuilt in a manner which carefully aligned airport data with current satellite imagery, when available. Scenery was created using Airport Design Editor X v1. 50. 4402, SBuilderX 3. 13, and the FSX Object Placement Tool. Scenery objects were added and modified from stock FSX scenery to resemble as closely as possible the actual airports. Thank you to John Hinson and Tiago Besciak for granting permission to adapt their AI flight plans to realistically populate (SVRS) Gran Roque. 8 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 19.09.13 Downloads: 2 (8 mb)
FSX Harare International Airport 2013 Scenery
FSX Harare International Airport 2013 Scenery, Zimbabwe. A custom built scenery of FVHA as of 2013 with custom built buildings. Optimised for use with Aeroworx's scenery mesh and landclass for Southern Africa. By David Uzzell. 13 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 18.09.13 Downloads: 5 (13 mb)
Hawkes Bay (Napier) Airport
Hawkes Bay (Napier) Airport (NZNR), v2. Welcome to Napier, situated in the Hawkes Bay region of the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The airport serves the City of Napier and its surrounding towns, and the greater Hawkes Bay area. This is a completely new scenery, with all new custom buildings featuring night lighting, the new lengthened runway, the new industrial park and ABB factory behind the airport, the new hangars on the airfield, and removal of the old aero club buildings, to make way for the new industrial park. This scenery represents Napier as it is at present, and will feature future updates as the new industrial park grows. By Lawrie Roache and Godfrey Tier. 4.5 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 16.09.13 Downloads: 3 (4.5 mb)
Secret Island Airport
Secret Island Airport, located 22nm southwest of Key West. This is yet another fictional airport not on the map. It's easy to find with its own VOR and ILS runway. There is a small atoll next to the island with a helo pad and marina. That is on the FSX map. Be sure and look for the Navy fleet with a landable aircraft carrier and a oil rig with tankers in the area. Shhhh keep it a secret. Created by J.D. Starseed. 858 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 16.07.13 Downloads: 12 (858 kb)
Schiphol Intl - Amsterdam
This scenery update is for EHAM with two optional files made only for the FSX default airport: one version with the Crosswind runways activated and in full operation where all six runways will be used for takeoff/landing and one version as the default runway operation: assigned parking now updated as per their website with extra parking including gates for the A380, all frequencies now corrected to reflect the real world, taxiways and taxi signs updated to the latest charts, retention ponds and drainage canals added, aviation museum removed which moved to Lelystad Airport, fire brigade practice ground and airport support building added, many know on the panorama terrace there is a KLM F100, what i added is not a KLM F100 but there is something there, extra fuel trucks, support vehicle roads rebuilt and many other improvements, airport views are from the roof of the control tower 1.7 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 07.07.13 Downloads: 16 (1.7 mb)
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport
Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (KECP), Panama City, FL, USA. Photoreal scenery for FSX only. Made with ADE 9X. KECP Northwest Florida Beaches Int'l is one of the newest airports in the country; it was opened in 2010 and is not included in the FSX stock airports. This was created from scratch; all taxiways, ramps, buildings and runways were placed and aligned via Google satellite imagery. Custom terminal, Sheltair FBO and hangars modeled in Google Sketchup with photoreal ground textures of the airport and surrounding area as well. Also adds ATC, assigned parking, static aircraft, lights, and much more. Uses Jim Dhaenen's T-hangars and Kevin Burn's static aircraft library. By Matthew Hollcraft. 22 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 03.07.13 Downloads: 14 (22 mb)
Tahiti Faaa Airport
Accurate and realistic rendition of Tahiti Faaa airport for Flight Simulator X. Scenery includes user controlled animated hangar doors and other animations. 42 mb By Mirko Stefanics
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 03.07.13 Downloads: 36 (42 mb )
Santiago de los Caballeros
Santiago de los Caballeros, Republica Dominicana (MDST). This airport, does not exist in FSX but still it is in the downtown of the city. It is used for local and regional flights, flight schools and tourism rides. This scenery is an extension from the actual MDST. Take off and maintain runway 29 heading for 5 nm and enjoy the "Monumento de los Heroes" (Heroes Monument), and then you will see the old field in the middle of the Santiago. Includes photoreal scenery, new runway, hangars and many other custom objects to find. By Fernando Angel G. 60 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 27.06.13 Downloads: 16 (60 mb)
Roswell UFO Site
This scenery is for FSX only; it was created using default FSX objects and custom made objects. The scenery is of the Roswell incident but in more modern times, you will recognize the UFO as the one on the "Invaders" TV series popular in the late 60's. By Dan Culver. 162 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 26.06.13 Downloads: 11 (162 kb)
French Alps Airports - FSX/Tile Proxy
This package contains 15 airports, most are in the French Alps near Grenoble/Courchevel. These airports are intended to be used with FSX and the free addon - TileProxy. TileProxy provides real-time photorealistic satellite imagery in place of the stock auto generated FSX scenery or any other scenery package. The package includes six (6) stock FSX airports which have been modified (re-located runways, buildings, taxiways, etc.) to more accurately re-position them with the real-world scenery. In addition, there are seven (7) unlisted airports which are not available in FSX. These airports are existing real private airports in the French Alps near Courcheval and Grenoble. There are also two (2) "phantom" airports included 6 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 26.06.13 Downloads: 15 (6 mb)
Isla De Contadora
Isla De Contadora (MPCD), Panama. Photoreal scenery for Contadora Island, in Panama's Archipielago de las Perlas, in the Pacific Ocean. It's famous for its white coral beaches and tourism. By Fernando Angel Gonzalez. 21 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 22.06.13 Downloads: 14 (21 mb)
Jon Atoll UFO
This scenery is for FSX only; it is another converted airport, this time into a UFO base out in the remote Pacific Ocean. It is a collaboration between alien forces and world governments of a top secret nature which is why this location was chosen. Location is Johnston Island (Johnston Atoll) ID for airport: JON. By Dan Culver. 1.2 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 20.06.13 Downloads: 6 (1.2 mb)
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