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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes

Downloads: Fsx Scenery downloads
FS2004/FSX Dunedin Photoreal Scenery
FS2004/FSX Dunedin Photoreal Scenery, New Zealand. This area covers the Dunedin Peninsular and city center. Photolayout by David Williamson. Autogen by Ian Warren and Robin Corn. 25 mb
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 24.12.06 Downloads: 157 (25 Mb)
FSX Italy Regions Ground Textures Fix
Scenery modifying the regions for Italy and nearby countries. This scenery corrects the FSX bug, and Italy is no more a desert country. Frame rate very friendly. By Francesco Mandell
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 24.12.06 Downloads: 150 (193 Kb)
FSX/FS2004 Lost Angeles South East Scenery Package
This is the fourth and final part of my LA-basin sceneries. It works equally well in FS2004 and FSX. This package covers the area east of my Southern Los Angeles Scenery, containing the airports Los Alamitos (SLI), John Wayne (SNA) and the beautiful coast along Huntington-, Newport- and Laguna Beach. Together with the other three volumes you get full coverage of the LA-basin. The scenery in standard FS2004-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. Gottfried Razek/ https://www.blueskyscenery.com.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 24.12.06 Downloads: 271 (62.1MB)
FSX/FS2004 KMHV Mojave Airport v2.0
This remote former World War II desert airfield has developed some very interesting and unusual features. It is a center for civilian aviation R&D, a major aircraft storage and scrap yard (possibly the largest nonmilitary graveyard in the country), a busy film site, and is the home of the National Test Pilot School, the largest civilian test pilot school in the world. Also located here is Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites company, where many innovative aircraft designs have been conceived and constructed. Mojave Airport is also where many commercial carriers store surplus or otherwise in- limbo airliners. There are currently around 90 airplanes waiting to be sold, repaired or reused here, including several 747s. This file has been designed to work on both FS2004 and FS-X platforms.. 378K
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 24.12.06 Downloads: 89 (378 Kb)
FSX Resized/Reworded Autogen Textures
I have resized and reworded all the files included in this zip file mainly because I was unable to fly using any "Autogen" what so ever. As a result of the work I have done on these files I can now use my Autogen which I have set at 60% and have also gained 6fps on my Test Computer. Ian Thatcher.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 24.12.06 Downloads: 165 (7.6 MB)
FSX Scenery--Atlanta Int'l Airport
FSX Scenery--Atlanta Int'l Airport. Scenery for Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta International Airport (KATL), Georgia (GA), v1.0. By Dakota Smith.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 19.12.06 Downloads: 256 (143 kb)
FSX Scenery--CanarFsX
FSX Scenery--CanarFsX version 1. VFR and IFR scenery that highlights the physical details of the Canary Islands. By Toni Agramont.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 19.12.06 Downloads: 189 (32 mb)
FS2004/FSX Scenery--Boulder City Airport
FS2004/FSX Scenery--Boulder City Airport (61B), Nevada (NV). Works with FS Genesis 9m USA terrain mesh and Ultimate Terrain USA installed. EZ library list with links included. By Jimmy R. Martin.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 19.12.06 Downloads: 31 ()
FS2004/FSX South America Mesh Scenery
FS2004/FSX South America Mesh Scenery. Mesh terrain scenery for the whole continental South America, based on SRTM 90m dem geotiff files resampled to 76 meters of horizontal resolution (LOD 9). The new files have improved the vertical resolution from 16m to 10m, resulting in more details and accuracy. There are 50 files, identified in a map by column letter and line number, covering the contiguous countries and states. By Jose Lobo and Oseas Dourado
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 19.12.06 Downloads: 219 (41 mb)
FSX Lexington Kentucky Photoreal Scenery
This photoreal terrain scenery performs in daytime and nightime and for any season using USGS photography taken April 2002, encompassing an area bounded by 14.5 E-W and 17 N-S miles (about 245 square miles). No new objects have been added and none have been removed. Places of interest include the center of the City of Lexington, KY, the University of Kentucky Campus, Bluegrass Airport, Keeneland Racetrack, horse farms, lakes, Interstate systems, and the general terrain of Kentucky's bluegrass region, and works well with the FSX default mesh. Designed by Jim Jones.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 19.12.06 Downloads: 165 ()
FSX Hawaii 10 m Terrains
FSX Hawaii 10 m Terrains. Terrain mesh covering the islands of Hawaii, at 10 m resolution. Designed with the FSX SDK, including multi-LOD, and it is frame rate friendly. By Raimondo Taburet Public Domain.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 16.11.06 Downloads: 194 ()
FSX Scenery--Cole Landling Area
FSX Scenery--Cole Landling Area. Scenery for Cole Landling Area (2OK7) Newcastle, Oklahoma (OK), a small private strip with residential aircraft parking for residents and a couple of small businesses. Requires Rwy12 and EZ Scenery libraries. See special FSX readme instructions inside. By Jimmy R. Martin and Paul J. Scally.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 16.11.06 Downloads: 29 ()
FSX Scenery--Balears
FSX Scenery--Balears. Primarily, this scenery is for VFR and tourist flights and represents as accurately as possible 100% of the details of the Balearic Islands of Spain. Included are 230 town and seven old monuments including Cartuja of Valldemosa, Monastery of Lluc, old castle Son Vivot, Castle of Capdepedra, Hermitages of St Elm and much more. Airports designed to 100% precision. By Toni Agramont
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 16.11.06 Downloads: 237 ()
FSX Forest
FSX Forest. Alternative textures for Flight Simulator X. All textures are in DXT1 format and size 1024x1024. Texture size is FSX default but may or may not give you an advantage regarding FPS all depending on autgen population and scenery location. Textures included for summer, winter, hard winter, fall, spring. By Tom Knudsen
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 16.11.06 Downloads: 151 ()
FSX Performance Autogen Textures For Europe
FSX Performance Autogen Textures For Europe. The original autogen building textures are 638 kb. These textures are reduced in size to 170 kb. Instead of 1024x1024 mipmapped the size is now 512x512 mipmapped. Included all European en general autogen building textures. By Gerard Salden.
Author: O/S: Version:
Added: 16.11.06 Downloads: 217 ()
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