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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

fsx aircraft, fsx freeware downloads, fsx addon, fs2004 aircraft, fsx planes

Downloads: Fsx Mission downloads
A Flight to Remember
The sunday afternoon flight from Birmingham, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1941. by Gera Godoy Canova 79 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 12.12.11 Downloads: 19 (79 mb)
RAS Helicopter Missions Vol.2 - JetRanger - Tromso
Hi pilots, Here is a mission for the Bell JetRanger. This missions is extract from the pack "RAS Helicopter Missions Vol.2". -RAS Helicopter Missions Vol.2 – JetRanger – Tromsø (Norway) -Estimated time to complete: 4 hours and more -Aircraft: Bell 206B JetRanger -Objectives: You are a pilot for the Norwegians coast guard. You will have to make a patrol above the North Sea. (Norway) You are a pilot for the Norwegians coast guard. The small fishing boats went out today. You have to make a patrol along the Norwegian north coast. Weather conditions are very bad today. Radio communications are not very clear. Think of adjusting your altimeter. You will start at Tromsø airport. In this mission you will have to use your NAV.1. The first two doors are not indicated, it will be necessary to you to find them with your NAV.1. Have fun. Mathieu. 28 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 09.12.11 Downloads: 28 (28 mb)
Copa Flight 559 - Part III of Latin American Airlines Mission
All passengers on Copa Flight 559 to San Jose, Costa Rica, Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Guatemala City please board your plane trough gate 59. Captain here is your coffee, have a nice flight.....Pasajeros en el vuelo 559 de Copa favor de abordar su avion por la puerta 59...Nos vamos chicos! by Gera Godoy Canova 42 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 07.12.11 Downloads: 83 (42 mb)
Sea Cave Warlock Mission
Sea Cave - a Warlock Mission. Fly a Grumman on an early morning delivery run. There is a mission compass some of the time if you wish to enable it in FSX. Just a short delivery hop - or is it? Another Warlock Mission by David Blake 23 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 07.12.11 Downloads: 28 (23 mb)
MASHARA....Door to the future
In 1947 the temple of Mashara was discovered in the valley of Markusma, district of Burgassa in Mongolia. Since then a crowd of scientists of all kinds have been studying it without finding what it is all about, until yesterday. As Dr. Emer Guttzman and Farina Megelmer were verifying some of the mysterious fog around 2:35 pm local time, a bluish light covered them and both vanished and have not been found since. Dr. Berthen Amudsenhud, the Swede, thinks that the vanishing of his peers "proves" that the temple is really a "Door to another dimension" that it is a door to the future!!!! as you might guess.....all hell has broken loose. You will fly more scientists to the site, bring back others with strange artifacts and finally get a bunch of them out of the area to their laboratories via Bishkek....good flying my friend by Gera Godoy Canova 2.6 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 02.12.11 Downloads: 17 (2.6 mb )
FSX Weltspirale
An adventure which starts in Alert (Canada) and goes 10 to 11 times round the world to the south. In one package there are the flights for one week. The folder WS_Pack_XX_en contains the English files and WS_Pack_XX_de the German. By Manfred Schnabl. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 28.11.11 Downloads: 14 (1 mb)
Avianca Flight 559 Mission
Episode II of the series Latin American Airlines from FSadventureSky. Fly From Panama City, Panama to three cities in Colombia on Avianca, Colombia´s oldest airline. This mission uses the Airbus-319 and the Fokker-100 aircraft used widely by many airlines in the region.by Gera Godoy Canova 21.97 Mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 28.11.11 Downloads: 57 (21.97 Mb)
Latin American Airlines Star Peru Mission
Welcome to Star Peru Airlines flight 559 from Lima to Cusco. A Mini-Mission to introduce you to your new job flying over the Andes in one of Peru´s local airlines....This is episode I of the new series from FSadventureSky about Latin America Commercial Aviation . Are you going to show your professionalism? 720 kb by Gera Godoy Canova
Download the PAD BAE 146-200</a>
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 28.11.11 Downloads: 32 (720 kb)
FSadventureSky Airways....Special Flights
Once more your personal VA has received a signed contract for two special flights. The company has leased an Airbus 400a for the task. Heavy cargo will be carried in two long flights which require the best of the company´s captains. You are on the roster, but since its a voluntary assignment, you may decline the privilage. Take a nice cushion along since you will eat and drink flying this beautiful new lady of the skies. by Gera Godoy Canova 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 20.11.11 Downloads: 35 (1 mb)
FSX Water, Water, Everywhere Set 1
Water, Water, Everywhere is a series of flights from inland lakes and reservoirs in different areas of the United Kingdom, using a floatplane/seaplane. The flights are intended to exploit the varied regions, enhanced by the addition of an appropriate Photographic Scenery package. Includes a suggested list of freeware add-ons to add even more interest to the flights, which use the default FSX Beaver on floats. There are no flight plans as such, only detailed briefings allowing the pilot to fly "for real", using maps, compass, and eyes, with the help of the instructions. By Gordon Wilkinson. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 20.11.11 Downloads: 14 (1 mb)
Forgotten Airfields of the World..Part I
there thousands of "Forgoptten Airfields" around the world. Some were great during WW2 and much needed others went bankrupt due to very little trafic and others just faded away....Have you wanted to fly out to one of these?? or maybe more??..Well here is your chance. Not an easy one to find in Alaska, a truly forgotten one in cold Russia and one that was shut down after a doomed expediiton in Chile...It will not be a piece of cake finding them but you sure will have fun trying!!!...The kit includes everything, you put the planes and experience... by Gera Godoy Canova 4.6 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 20.11.11 Downloads: 21 (4.6 mb)
The Budda at lake Chin-Gao
In 1916 Explorer Edrain de la Fuente found the incredible island with the chained budda.He told of the strange "fog" which emanated from the shore in front of the Temple and provided a little map of the area. It was not until 1999 that Ashrow Mundrecon found the document and asked the Chinese government for a permit to visit the area....it was denied. Now, in 2011 the Prime Minister of China, an archaeologist from the University of How-Kome, has allowed his schoolmate, Dr. Vilanova DeVecchi to proceed with an expedition to the area of the lakes where the island mentioned in de la Fuente manuscript says it is....Are you to be the Chief pilot in this quest??? or what? by Gera Godoy Canova 2.2 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 20.11.11 Downloads: 15 (2.2 mb)
Operation Harpoon 1942 V1.00
Two mission in the Mediterranean sea ! Take off from Gibraltar and whit the help of your "E6b" navigation tool, land on the first aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy, the H.M.S Argus CV-1, that was escorting the (Force H) in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. Take off on the deck of the H.M.S Argus aircraft carrier CV-1 in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and try to reach Malta Island. Feature: A powerful WWII "E6B" navigation tool is include by Dave Bitzer, Alex Nicolson, Norman Hancock, and Allan J. Greene. H.M.S Argus is fully compatible whit FSX Acceleration aircraft operation, (If you not have FSX Acceleration pack you must install ArrestorCables Version 2.6 or newer to be able to land on the deck of the carrier) 22 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 30.10.11 Downloads: 73 (22 mb)
Three Flights for Captains only
Welcome back to Your Personal VA. You are probably here since you have flown the first three flights for Co-Pilots. You are now a full fledge Captain sitting in the left seat...right?: OK, now it´s Jets!!! You will have to fly in South America. A Milk run in Brazil, from Panama to Puerto Rico and from Uruguay to the lowest airport in Argentina.No easy flights for weather in the Caribbean and down south is not too gentle at this time of year. Start engines and complete these flights and later we might assign you to our European or Asian partner airlines...Have a go and enjoy them. 1.1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 30.10.11 Downloads: 36 (1.1 mb)
In Search Of The Tihikrak
FSX FSadventureSky Flight--From the notes of Dr. Efraini Spagetti, famous zoologist of the 1930s: Mystery Island March 23, 1937. "The plane has gone on its third day looking for the Sea Monster, it took off at 7:00 AM and now at 6:00 PM we have not heard a word from it, no SOS no nothing. Iliana was in it, something must have happened to the search party. I am afraid this is the end of the expedition... Today some believe this expedition did not exist! Why don't you check and see? By Gera Godoy Canova. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: FSX
Added: 30.10.11 Downloads: 10 (1 mb)
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