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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

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Downloads: CFS2 MISSION
Hellas! Campaign
This campaign is a total of 28 missions, and chronicles the Luftwaffe’s successes of the Balkan and Greek campaigns during the spring of 1941. There is a school of thought that this campaign was one of the culprits that prevented the Luftwaffe from reaching Moscow before the Russian winter set in after their invasion. This campaign was somewhat of a compromise in that I had to supply the British with American equipment, but I am satisfied with the German bases, especially with the amount of anti-aircraft guns, where have been toned down substantially. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 14.06.11 Downloads: 6 (1 mb)
Operation Juggler - Wiener Neustad
This mission package chronicles the two days of the 9th and 15th Air Force raids on the Messerschmitt Plant at Wiener Neustadt, Austria, combined into one raid. The flight plan for this mission is modeled on the real raids, taking you from Benghazi to Wiener Neustadt, Austria via Yugoslavia and Lake Balaton, Hungary, before striking the target and heading over the southeastern boot of Italy on the way home. Round-trip, the distance to the target and back is approximately 2,255 miles. 1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 14.06.11 Downloads: 13 (1 mb)
USS Essex CV9 Campaign
USS Essex CV-9 Campaign This campaign is a mostly historical commentary of the World War 2 exploits of the USS Essex. The US and Japanese task force compositions, ship names, dates, and most locations are as accurate as possible. In this campaign, the USN is on the offensive. Out of all the actions in which she participated, I chose a good, representative sampling of the major engagements of this great ship from her first action until near the end of the war in the Pacific. Random choice will have you flying either a fighter, divebomber or a torpedo bomber. 2.6 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 14.06.11 Downloads: 13 (2.6 mb)
Battle for Europe
This is the 'Battle for Europe' dual-sided campaign, which has been two years in the making. The German side was created by Dominique Rollin, modified and updated by me. The Allied side is my creation. These missions were based on the German missions, then were 'flipped' and altered significantly. I do not profess to be as good of a mission writer as Dominique, especially with random elements, but I did add a considerable amount of these ?twists,? and I hope the results were satisfactory. The mission texts and descriptions for the Allied side were all done by me from scratch. As usual, this campaign does not profess to be 100% historically accurate, but it is certainly historically plausible because I used period appropriate aircraft, and the mission progression on both campaigns follows a roughly historical time line. There were several hands involved in this project, please take the time to read the credits! 1.1 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 18 (1.1 mb)
Operation Frantic
“Operation Frantic” was a series of seven shuttle-bombing missions conducted by the US 8th and 15th Air Forces in the late Spring and Summer of 1944 between England / Italy and three Russian bases located in the vicinity of Kiev. This was an actual event that occurred in WWII, and I have done my best to provide synopses of each mission so you can get an appreciation of the actual raids, and have made many of the raids as close to the facts as this sim will allow, though the raids are certainly scaled-down. Please note that great care has been taken to include specific information in the mission description and debrief sections for each mission, so if you are interested in the history, you should certainly feel free to read them. This campaign is not a rework, it is a brand-new effort on my part to bring a relatively unknown aspect / exercise of the war to light, much like my Corpo Aereo Italiano / Chianti Raiders did for the Battle of Britain. The primary source material for this campaign leans heavily on “The Poltava Affair” by Glenn Infield, though USAAF chronology websites and other materials also proved exceedingly useful, especially for the size of the raids and the aircraft types used. 2.7 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 8 (2.7 mb)
Messerschmitt Me-262 campaign
This campaign is an update to the version produced by Ryan Hensley (Moonbutter2). In this campaign you will begin by flying the Focke-Wulf Ta-152, and IF you prove your fighting skills, you will be given the opportunity to fly the Messerschmitt Me-262. (If you don't, the campaign will terminate very quickly!) After completing your training with the new bird, you will find your aerodrome at Schongau under repeated threat from enemy bombers and fighters, and will consequently be fighting in all types of weather and times of day. When you are not defending Schongau, you may find yourself on patrol, protecting valuable assets nearby from enemy raids. 210 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 8 (210 kb)
Deep War 2.0 Mission
This campaign involves varied types of missions, including interception and ground attack, as well as ferry missions from one base to another, giving you an opportunity to get the feel of a new aircraft along the way. Because of the campaign timeframe, it allows you to fly a number of lend-lease aircraft, including the Hawker Hurricane and the Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk. You will also have the opportunity to fly the Yakovlev Yak-1b, Lavochkin LaGG-3-35, and the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3. Because the Finnish also used a slew of aircraft types, you will have many air battles you won’t find almost anywhere else. Dogfights include battles with Finnish P-36s, Brewster Buffaloes, and Hawker Hurricanes, to name a few. German opponents are also included, of course. 470 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 6 (470 kb)
Leningrad 2.0 Mission
This campaign is a 28-mission set (All on the Russian side) that depicts a portion of the Siege of Leinigrad, during which the Russians attempted to break the German chokehold on their city. The Siege lasted a total of 900 days, from September 8th, 1941 to January 27th, 1944. This campaign focuses of the early Summer of 1943, when the Germans were building up their strength for another air offensive, while the Russians were also gearing up to break the long siege of their city. You end this campaign getting transfered to Kursk. This campaign has a considerable amount of random elements. When you come out of warp, there are usually enemy aircraft patroling in your vicinity. Pay attention to the text you see traveling from waypoint to waypoint, it will help guide you. Some of the missions have upwards of 20 aircraft in the sky at once, so bear that in mind! In this campaign, you will be flying the Yakovlev Yak-9, Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik, Lavochkin La-5, and Polikarpov I-16. Each of these aircraft have different strengths and weaknesses, though the Lavochkin and Yakovlev fighters can hold a good account of themselves against nearly any opponent 430 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 8 (430 kb)
Kuban Bridgehead 2.0 Mission
The entire plot is fictional and all missions are only loosely based on historical events. My original intention was to create full campaign with annihilation of Soviet Crimean Front. In May 1942, siege of Sebastopol and all those fierce air battles of spring 1944. Quick research proved it to be a rather ambitious undertaking, therefore I have limited all that just to one period - April / May 1943. During that time Staffel's of JG52 and JG3 managed initially to maintain air superiority. In the end most of Luftwaffe's units was transferred to the North (Operation Zitadelle) and by the end of September Kuban Bridgehead was evacuated. In spring 1944 another ferocious air battles were fought, this time over Crimea. But this is another story..." 16 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 13 (16 kb)
Operation Citadel 2.0 Campaign
This is a 3-mission mini-campaign surrounding the exploits of German 'uber-ace' Erich Hartmann, ruler of the Eastern front. This specific action covers what was called 'Operation Citadel,' a day during the battle of Kursk. On this day (July 6th, 1943) Hartmann managed to shoot down 7 Soviet planes on 3 sorties that day. 9 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 4 (9 kb)
Battle of the Bulge Campaign
This seven mission mini-campaign chronicles a one-week period during the beginning of “The Battle of the Bulge,” a German counter-offensive that nearly split the Allied lines, and briefly threw them into a state of confusion. During these missions, you will fly fighter sweeps, bomber escort, and protect photo-reconnaissance aircraft surveying damage by previous raids. This is based on a CFS1 campaign originally created by Bill Potvin, who generously gave his support and allowed this project to push forward. This is a sister to his “56th Fighter Group – Zemke’s Wolfpack,” which will be released shortly. 18 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 5 (18 kb)
56th Fighter Group-Zemke Campaign
This six-mission mini-campaign allows you to fly with the 56th Fighter Group, the most decorated Fighter Group of the Eighth Air Force. On this mission you will fly the three types of combat missions these pilots usually flew: The Rodeo, Circus, and Ramrod. This will allow for some significant challenges as you battle the Luftwaffe for control of the skies, miles above the ground. 16 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 10 (16 kb)
357th Fighter Group Missions
This is a quick sampling of two missions that were included with the “Old Crow” version of Andrew Wai’s P-51d found at Simviation. I simply couldn’t resist updating them, so I did. They are two long-range Mustang flights from England that take you over Leipzig and Berlin, trying to provoke encounters with German fighters, then blasting them out of the sky. I hope you enjoy! 8 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 4 (8 kb)
Tirpitz Missions
These are just a handful of missions involving the attacks on the pocket battleship “Tirpitz.” The missions cover two separate attacks…”Operation Goodwood” on August 22nd, 1944, and “Operation Catechism” on November 11th, 1944. During these missions, you get to fly as both the Germans and the British. As the Germans, your job is to sink the aircraft carriers being used to attack the Tirpitz, or encounter the enemy raids. As a British pilot, you’ll be either defending the heavies or performing strikes yourself. 1.2 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 5 (1.2 mb)
A Bridge at Remagen Mission
a series of missions created by “Frenchee” that chronicle the struggle for the Allies to protect, and for the Germans to destroy the Ludendorff Bridge. The ultimate failure of the Germans to destroy the bridge gave the Allies a valuable resource to transfer needed supplies and vehicles across the Rhine River into the heart of Germany itself, despite its collapse a short time later. You will be able to fly for both Germany and Britain in these missions. For the British, you’ll fly as a Hawker Tempest pilot, and for the Germans, you’ll fly as a Messerschmitt Me-262 pilot, equipped with bombs to try and bring down the bridge. 9 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 7 (9 kb)
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