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We currently offer a massive range of downloads for FSX, as well as older flight simulator add-ons for the ever-popular FS2004, FS2002, CFS3 and now becoming ever popular with dediced virtual aviators is Laminar Research's X-Plane series.

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Downloads: CFS2 MISSION
Eastern Front Missions
This is my installation guide for several missions on the Eastern Front that are not related to a campaign. These are the missions that came with Canion’s KTO airfields, and the “Hindenburg” mission by Jacek Poltorak, author of the original Kuban Bridgehead mission set. These missions offer flying different types of aircraft used on the Eastern Front. All of them involve heavy fighting and “Flak”, so be prepared for a bumpy ride! 620 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 3 (620 kb)
Operation Barbarossa Campaign
his readme is for the Operation Barbarossa, a converted CFS1 campaign originally created by Richard Steele. It chronicles the invasion of Russia in 1941 and covers the time frame from June 22nd to December 5th, 1941. It is flown from the perspective of the Soviets. The missions that cover the Odessa – Sevastopol portion of the campaign were able to be transferred directly from CFS1 with minimal changes. The missions surrounding the defense of Moscow had to be “interpreted” from CFS1. I had to fly them in CFS1 repeatedly and use the mission editor to write down waypoints, aircraft types, and other bits of information. For this reason, I can’t guarantee that they are the same as they are in CFS1. The frontlines are as historically accurate as I could make them, but some changes had to be made and fudged a bit in order to facilitate the campaign. You begin by flying Polikarpov I-16s in defense of Odessa, then switch to MiG-1s flying in defense of Sevastopol. After a short rest, you will fly in defense of Moscow, first continuing in the MiG-1, then in the LaGG-3. The campaign is designed to be extremely difficult, the Russians were using inferior equipment with poorly-trained pilots against seasoned and well-equipped German pilots. 410 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 2 (410 kb)
Royal Canadian Air Force Mission
The Royal Canadian Air Force is a campaign that featured 20 historically plausible missions flown by the RCAF between the beginning of 1942 and the D-day landings in Normandy. These missions feature the Hawker Typhoon as the primary aircraft, however the DeHavilland Mosquito is used as well. This campaign features a varying array of intercept, bomber escort, photo reconnaissance, and ground attack missions. You will become quite acquainted with the “Tiffie” during this campaign, as well as the roar of the Napier Sabre 24-cylinder engine! 500 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 2 (500 kb)
Nagumo Force Campaign for CFS2
Nagumo Force Campaign for CFS2: A campaign of 20 missions representing the activities of the Japanese Nagumo carrier force after its return from Pearl Harbor, and before its splitting up to participate in the Battles in the Coral Sea and at Midway. Requires the separate installation of 3 additional aircraft (Catalina, Hurricane and Swordfish). By C Burgess. 234 Kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 13 (234 Kb)
A Defense of Koror CFS2
A Defense of Koror CFS2 mission for fun. Koror is under very heavy Japanese attack. Try to defend the field and fleet nearby. waves of bettys, vals, and kates are coming. 25 to 30 minutes of action. mission by Peter O'Brien. 88K
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 01.11.10 Downloads: 8 (88 Kb)
Heinkels 2.0!
This is the Mediterranean portion of the ongoing Heinkels! rework. This campaign covers 24 missions that span much of the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. Beginning in Oldenburg, Germany, you get to fly missions from locations including Italy, Libya, Sicily, Crete, and Greece. This campaign doesn't require a whole lot of aircraft, but you will need a lot of scenery. A big thanks goes out to Mathias and the Groundcrew team for approving the upload!! By ramirez 2.5 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 10.08.08 Downloads: 24 (2.5 mb)
Gladiators and Canucks 2.0
This is my rework of the "Pattle" Gladiator campaign by Don Pyers. It has been updated with Achim's beautiful airbases, Thicko's Gladiators, and many other detail changes. Also included are the two "Canucks Overseas" missions done by Rick Rutherford. These have also been given the same treatment. Several of these missions feature some of the yet-to-be-released North African bases by Achim, which will eventually replace Mauro's bases. Enjoy! By ramirez 4.2 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 10.08.08 Downloads: 28 (4.2 mb)
Enterprise vs Japan
This is a dynamicly-generated campaign, loosely based on the carrier battles around Guadalcanal which occurred between 23/08/42 and 29/10/42, covering the Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz carrier battles. DCG campaigns are not scripted, so the outcome of this campaign is very much in doubt. As a division leader, you have a chance to materially affect the outcome. Ships that get sunk, stay sunk. Air crews that get shot down are replaced at the rate of one crew per squadron per mission by new crews. the skill and aggressiveness of air crews, including your own wingmen, increases with survival and experience. Replacements are usually not as good as the more experienced but unfortunately deceased crews they replace. The campaign is set up to be flown as a fighter pilot based aboard the USS Enterprise -the hardest-fighting and most-decorated ship in US history. However, the campaign can be flown on either side, with any available aircraft you choose to fly. Players who choose to fly on the IJN side will have every reasonable hope of emerging victorious, as almost happened in reality. By Ettico 187 kb
Author: Ettico O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 13.12.07 Downloads: 105 (187 kb)
DCG Mini-Campaign - Tokyo Raid
This is a fictional beta demo for Paul Lowengrin's DCG 6.32 upgrade of his Dynamic Campaign Generator. The campaign depicts a US carrier raid on Tokyo Harbor. Such raids did take place, but this is not intended to be a historical replay. It's for fun, and to serve as a training exersize in DCG carrier ops. I've provided some tips in the readme. Most of the tips will probably come into play as you fly the campaign. The campaign depicts a single raid, but you can fly as many missions in it as you wish. Enough targets and opposition is provided for this purpose. By Ettico 33 kb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 23.11.07 Downloads: 20 (33 kb)
Tuskegee Airmen One
Take off with the famous Tuskegee Airmen as they fly into history. Launch from a US Navy aircraft carrier in your P-40F Warhawk and fly to Casablanca, Morocco to establish the squadron in North Africa. Fight your way accross the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily where you'll defend allied bomber wings from Luftwaffe interception and attack enemy ground targets. For authenticity, the missions are based on the book "Black Knights, The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen" and it takes advantage of the best CFS 2 add ons from the last couple of years. A detailed readme document details the required vehicles, ships and planes with links to obtain them. By Devildog73 2.75 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 23.11.07 Downloads: 49 (2.75 mb)
Operation Pedestal & Mezzagosto 2.0
This is my rework of the "Operation Pedestal" campaign at the now-defunct IS4G. It has been updated with newer aircraft, and both the wonderful sceneries of Malta by Bruno, and the Southern Italian airbases from Achim. All missions now have warping available for those who like to use it, and the neccessary files from IS4G for the campaign have been included. I would like to personally thank Corrado for giving his blessing for this rework, it was certainly appreciated. The readme file is extensive, but not so much in terms of what you need, but in mission information and background. It gives some valuable information for the campaign, please take the time to read it. By ramirez 11 mb
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 23.11.07 Downloads: 44 (11 mb)
Tidal Wave and Italians 2.0
This is a dual pack: One set of missions and one mimi-campaign. Both I thought were too small to be released as solo projects, so I put them together. This mission and mini-campaign has been updated in the usual fashion, and a big thanks goes out to Achim for his 3 airbases he built specifically for "Operation Tidal Wave" Thanks and full credit go to the original designers of these projects. Also included is a patch to some missions of my "Hellas 2.0" and "Vichy France 2.0" reworks that just correct a couple of minor issues. There are much bigger things to come! 7.4 mb By ramirez412001
Author: O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 23.11.07 Downloads: 21 (7.4 mb)
Carrier War USN
These missions follow the USN Carriers from Febuary 20.1942 to November 11,1942.You will be flying as Butch O'Hare in one mission as he protects Lexington off Rabaul.There are strikes against Lae from Yorktown and Lexington.Coral Sea,Midway and the Solomons operations are also covered ending with the Attacks on Rabaul in November 1942. Read the readme for downloads needed and installation Hope you enjoy and have fun. 2.28 mb by Talon
Author: Talon O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 16.10.07 Downloads: 62 (2.28 mb)
Poland and Fall Weiss 2.0
This is one I've wanted to do for a while now, and it is now finished. This is a rework of the "Poland, 1939" and "Fall Weiss, 1939" campaign sets found at his website. This rework updated these campaigns with entirely modernized aircraft on the German side for "Fall Weiss", and the hope that someone will do the same for the Polish side. Achim's wonderful Polish bases mave made this rework possible. There will also be a patch forthcoming eventually to update the railroad tracks, which I will inlcude in a future release. By ramirez412001 10.91 Mb
Author: ramirez O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 16.10.07 Downloads: 49 (10.91 Mb)
CFS2 Flying Barrels V2
A "what if" campaign using Aeroplane Heaven's freeware Grumman F3F biplane fighter set in the Philippines of 1940. Sail with the USS Lexington and her battle group on a good will tour of the Orient only to find yourself wrapped up in an alternate history of the Pacific War. Fly missions with the Filipino Air Force and escort US Army Air Corps B-10 bombers as you fight to prevent the Japanese occupation of the Philippine Islands and to preserve your fleet. Detailed, step by step instructions included as well as the USS Lexington and several FX, DP and aircraft.cfg files. By Jagdflieger' 837 kb
Author: Jagdflieger O/S: all Version: CFS2
Added: 27.06.07 Downloads: 111 (837 kb)
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