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Author Need Firefighting Aircraft Remodeled For FSX


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Posted on 25-01-2008 15:00
I am looking for a couple of aircraft for fsx delux with acceleration.

I am looking for a bombardier cl-215 and the cl-415. Some people have called these canadair 215, and 415. These planes are called the Duck, and Superscooper. These are water skimmers/bombers used in wildland firefighting.

I found a lougheed electra -188, that has good flight dynamics, and I am looking for someone who can make this plane into the TANKER version, with working payload doors for multi salvo operation. new skins as well. I have photo of skin available.

Interested in making a Martin Mars Bomber? I need 1 plane, 2 skins. Photo's of both skins are available.

I'll repost when I have a list of planes needed for bird dog actions.

In general, I am a retired wildland firefighter specialist, in western canada.

I am seeking aircraft that I have used for many years in my daily battles. I already have the helo's i need with working bambi buckets, and belly tankers.

I am trying to compile the necessary aircraft. to be supplied to pilots wanting to fly fire missions.

I know these aircraft are already in use in other fs games like 2004, but I have no clue on how to get them into fsx.

I am wanting to start an online air charter for fsx, with fire control missions depicting actual missions.

I know I am asking alot, and I am not trying to be greedy, by any means, but I am an old man of 40, with limited computer knowledge.

I can make available actual info on the various aircraft, or get the files I know are out there for other fs series releases.

If anyone is interested in helping me on this venture, I an willing to work with you as much as needed to make this happen.

Thanks for reading this, and have a great day.
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Author RE: No Subject


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Posted on 25-01-2008 20:46
aircrafts, bambi bucket etc are all presents into fs2004 version(developed by freeware modelers) but unfortunately still not into fsx...hoping soon someone will make them or convert also for FSX
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Author RE: Look Around


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Posted on 10-05-2009 18:02
If you seek, you will find. smiley Send Private Message