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Posted on 26-03-2007 20:49
Can someone tell me if it is possible to connect an external Flightmodel to FSX ?
I want to update the position and orientation of the aircraft about every 20 msec. (For clarification: I dont want to tweak the flight dynamic tables and let FSX do the FM calculation, it's a complete new flight model)

Maybe another option is to update a cameraposition in the FSX-World, if i cannot directly override the FM from FSX ?
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Author RE: External Flightmodel


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Posted on 26-03-2007 20:50
use FSUIPC4 (you could use SimConnect in FSX and it would probably be more efficient) to input lat/long and altitude positions at a rate of 20Hz.

The only downside is that to prevent your model from misbehaving inbetween positional messages, (i.e. rolling and pitching), you have to put the sim into Slew mode, which then disables sound and gauge output, (i.e. airspeed, rate of climb, etc.)

These side-effects aren't important for what I'm doing, but if they are for you then you might be able to do away with the slew mode if you use an inert flight model within the sim, i.e. like a hot-air ballon, or something that has no stall speed, aicraft instability, etc.), so you could then leave the sim in normal mode and send positional information to it. Hmm, thinking about it, you probably still wouldn't get airspeed, etc. info. You may have to write custom gauges that display values that aren't the sim's normal flight dynamics values, but imported from outside, i.e. your external flight model.smiley
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