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Posted on 06-03-2010 23:57
Had a lot of these happenings during my service.

Theres a new erk on the dispersal and I'm showing him round the Lincoln on a need to know basis. Its a cold morning and the NAAFI wagon has been so we take our coffee and wads up into the nose out of the wind and I carry on my chat. Break over we tidy up and before I can stop him, the newbie throws his coffee dregs down what looked like a drain in the floor. It wasn't a drain, far worse. There was a bang and a thud and a ten man dighy popped out of the wing ****! The lookalike drain was the flotation switch for the dinghy in case of a ditching at sea. The lad got seven days jankers and had to pay 5 towards the cost of reinstalling the dinghy.


Ken Garner
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