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Author CFS2 and CH rudder pedals


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Posted on 17-06-2007 22:24
Is anybody out there using CH rudder pedals in CFS2 ?

My pedals work just fine in F/S 2k4 and 2k2 but will not work in CFS2.

Is it just me or is there some basic incompatability between CFS2 and CH rudder pedals ? smiley

Looking for your answer.
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Author RE: CFS2 and CH rudder pedals


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Posted on 17-06-2007 22:25
Have just had a thought re this issue. Are your pedals part of a CH virtual combined 'single 8-axis, 32 button' stick (as created using the CH Control Manager Wizard)?

If this is the case, then you may no longer have working brakes. I found it better to use the three 'sticks' - fighterstick, throttle, and pedals separately - no problems then.smiley
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