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Author DP and gun files


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Posted on 24-06-2007 23:17
I have played and change files and DP and CDP files in CFS, but now playing CFS 2, I am not sure how to modify the gun files to be able to use better gun files. So if anyone can help me out to try to understand how to change the files around I would really appreciate it.
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Author RE: DP and gun files


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Posted on 24-06-2007 23:18
The gunstation entries seem quite similar to CFS1's.
The firing rates, type of gun/power, etc., are in the gunstation string.
Individual gun location coordinates are changed in the [guns._] strings:
wing lateral positioning,
verticle positioning,
fuselage positioning (a stock entry was -1.39999999999999E-02
changing this to 0.00 kept it in the same position
minus [-] changes moved the flash to the rear, others (+) forward.

By far the best article on the CFS2 DP file that I have found can be found here:

it gives info on just about every line in the file. It has been my first reference for a long time now.
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