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Author The German Plan to Bomb New York ( World War II ) - Part 01


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Posted on 27-03-2007 00:12

Towards the end of World War II, Germany was desperate to stave off their inevitable defeat, or at the very least deliver a final parting shot to get a measure of revenge for the collapse of the Third Reich. THE NAZI PLAN TO BOMB NEW YORK exposes one of the most chilling of all such efforts.

Aviation historian David Myrha has been investigating secret Nazi aircraft projects for more than 20 years, and he recently came across documents which prove that the Germans were attempting to deliver a radioactive bomb to New York in 1944. Three aerospace engineers--including Wernher von Braun--were charged with designing a plane that could deliver the deadly payload, and they raced the imminent end of the conflict and each other to come up with the best plan. HISTORY UNDERCOVER® visits the secret labs and factories where the "Amerika Bombers" were being designed, tested and constructed when the war came to a close, finally telling a story that remained secret for over 50 years.
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