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Author Flight plan with autopilot


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Posted on 23-10-2007 18:01
I was wondering if there is any way to put your flight plan into the autopilot somehow so you don't have to sit there and change your heading every 2 minutes.
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Author RE: Flight plan with autopilot


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Posted on 23-10-2007 18:02
Yes, you can load your flight plan using the Flight Planner and then it will show up on your GPS.

To save a flight plan

In the Flight Planner, click Save.
Note: The Save button is dimmed until you create a flight plan.
In the Save Flight Plan dialog box, use the suggested name for your file
Type a new name in the File name text box.
Click Save.

To load a saved flight plan

In the Flight Planner, click Load.
When the Load Flight Plan dialog box appears, select a saved flight plan.
Click Open to load the file.

All this and more is in The Learning Center with in FS.
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