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Author where did my download fly off to?


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Posted on 09-08-2007 09:12
smileyI just started my fsx career. I registered with this site as a tool. I tried downloading a plane (fsx bae146). I hit the download button which took me to a download screen. I saw a little red bar increase as the download was doing it's thing. Once the bar was "full", the screen said download complete. But no address was given for where the files went nor did another screen pop up. I did a donation thinking one was required to get the download. Now that I can't find the download I'm concerned about the validity of my donation. HELP!smiley
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Author RE: where did my download fly off to?


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Posted on 10-08-2007 02:20
the donation help server cost at that will maintain the time limit and give access to 1class at wrote you 2 email and here by pm
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