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Author fsx aircrafter program utility


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Posted on 27-03-2008 06:43
I have downloaded the new aircrafter beta utility to show installed aircraft in the fsx program. How do I get the downloaded utility to install and run? As there are no read first files in the program after I have extracted the files from the ziped file download.
thanks for any ideas blueshark
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Author RE: Glitch


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Posted on 12-05-2009 11:26
Hmmm could be a invalid zip... Prehaps a glitch otherwise it should be there; keep looking open everything that is in that zip.

Otherwise I guess it's a glitch or it's an invalid zip/product.


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Author RE: fsx aircrafter program utility


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Posted on 13-05-2009 05:01
if the file open then is not an unvalid zip file...the readme simply there isn't depends by the develper who didn't insert it
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