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Author 727 Cargo + Panel


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Posted on 05-06-2007 18:27
Dear Members,

Just wondering if you could answer me three questions.

1.Where can i get a good 727 Cargo aircraft from.

2.Where can i get a FULL VC for the aircraft.

3.Why when some one spends all there time making a spectacular plane, do they then just give it a Default Panel. Its like they half finished the aircraft.


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Author RE: 727 Cargo + Panel


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Posted on 05-06-2007 18:34
answers try into fs2004 airiliners download section this one

1.Boeing 727-200 With Custom Panel and Active Engine Smoke Effect

2. perhaps with this one or with only a payware as captainsim 727

3. Because a good modeller is not always a good virtual cockpit modeller and made a virtual cockpit take too much time for some,
Especially with fsx build a good aircraft take months smiley
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Author RE: 727 Cargo + Panel
geoff cox


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Posted on 18-06-2007 18:27
re 727
I downloaded zip file 'tvab727qw' aircraft
moved Dave Maltby's Trident smoke to the cfg file under effects,
and loaded a 727 panel to make a complete package.

fiddling with these things is half the fun

regaeds geoff smiley
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