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Posted on 01-08-2007 22:42
Hi all,

just a quickie but recently had trouble with the logbook in fs9, namely the app posted an error trying to write to the logbook on close, anyway solved this after seeing many other reports of this issue throughout fs forums and the fix being posted.

My issue now is that in fs9 you can create your own logbooks instead of using the standard pilot log, that's fine, I wanted a logbook for each aircraft so I made my first one for my 787 to keep track off the hours solely on this aircraft. Now in fs9 setting the auto write to log is still enabled and when the app closes I am prompted as always to fill in the flight details, I do that hit OK but nothing appears on my 787 log or the standard log, it all seems to disappear into the ether.

I would have thought that if you have multiple logbooks on closing the app after the 6 minute minimum you would have to choose which log to save the flight info in.

If this is not possible in fs9 is there an addon logbook facility where this is available?

Many thanks.

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