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Posted on 20-04-2008 20:15
smiley I've encountered a new problem. Seems that when I create a flight in FS2004 with the Convair 240 set up everything and click on FLY NOW, the entire program flashes **** and closes.

BUT, If i create a flight with another aircraft and click on FLY NOW, everything starts out okay, I'm ready to taxi. I go in and change aircraft to the Convair 240 and it loads correctly and I'm flying all day long without any problems.

Question: Why can't I load directly to the Convair 240? Is there something I can change to make this happen???

thank you

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Author RE: Help Please


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Posted on 20-04-2008 21:49
seems there is something into the aircraft.cfg or the airfile that let's crash fs2004, hard to know should check into the aircraft.cfg if there is something wrong. Try to use another aircraft.cfg taken from another aircraft with similar charateristic rename the title and try.... if the problem still remains then it's the can use another airfile too.smiley
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