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Author Converting my planes to FS2004


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Posted on 12-07-2011 03:52
Hey Guyz....

I started a Website a couple of months ago, building Rare Planes of WW2 (see Link below) This was before I discovered FS2004 and the massive collection of planes available. There are still many that have yet to be modelled (even on FS2004) and I intend to build them all, eventually.

My problem lies in converting them to work in FS2004. I work in Cinema 4D and can export to most Format (.3ds most commonly) but I can't get my head around getting them into FS2004. Can anyone help... I will happily forward the completed (bare or painted) Meshes in whatever Format to anyone who knows (and wants) to convert them. It would just be really cool to fly one of my own planes....

Thanx in advance.....MARK
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