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Posted on 23-06-2007 18:59
i can do IFR but can any1 tell me how to do VOR landings or do a link for any good websites related to this.

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Posted on 23-06-2007 19:01
For an easer VOR APR, use the ATC vector APR.

1. Tune the #1 VOR (TO) the VOR inbond heading that is publised on the chart.

2. ATC will vector you and give you an intercept heading for the VOR.

3. Once the VOR needle starts to move in, turn to the inbond heading and keep the needle strait as possible.

4. Slow down to 90 KIAS and put in one noch of flaps, (if you our flying a cessna, or piper.)

5. Follow the published min altitudes that are on the chart.

6. The VOR is a non-precision APR, so dont think you will be lined right up with the runway.

When I was doing my instument rating, I found that the ATC vector APR is alot easer then the Full VOR APR.smiley
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