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Author Creating a flight plan


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Posted on 23-06-2007 15:11
Can some kind soul help me with a tutorial on how to create a VFR flight plan and how to use the AP to fly it please.
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Author RE: Creating a flight plan


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Posted on 23-06-2007 15:12
all you need to do in order to make a VFR flight plan (i'm using FS2004) is first go to the create a flight screen in the main menu of the game. Next go to Flight Planner, right below the time selection box. Click on it and choose the first option (Starting Locatio) and pick where you want to start. Then pick where you want to end. Now all you have to do is go down and click on VFR flight path and if you want low, high, vor-vor, or GPS flight path and then click on Find Path. Next you pick your plane and do the rest of the stuff (weather, time, ......) and then go fly. When your in the airplane, click on the Nav-GPS switch and make sure that its set to GSP. Now all you have to do is take off and then turn on autopilot and press the Nav Hold switch and it will guide you there. smiley
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Author RE: Creating a flight plan


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Posted on 25-09-2009 14:35
Hi jack folla. Thanks for sharing your insights. Really impressive!
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