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Author Talk About Doing a One-Eighty !


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Posted on 01-03-2010 11:56
As promised, CloudDancer left the laughter behind in Vol. III of his Alaskan Chronicles series about his life as a bush pilot.

This time he memorializes the final flights of some of his closest friends. And he takes us along for what mustr17;ve been his most harrowing flight ever. I canr17;t even imagine anything worse. It scared the crap out of me sitting safely in the comfort of my recliner! If I didnr17;t know the guy was alive and writing about it himself, I would have thought it ended in a fatality like all the rest of the stories.

Apparently CloudDancer has recently given up boozing too, if I understand the final part of the book correctly. But I donr17;t want to spoil it for you. Letr17;s just say itr17;s a real mind twister.

Thank goodness the book is just a little smaller than his first two efforts, because most likely you wonr17;t be able to put it down (either) until you finish it. Oh yeah. And another neat thing. After every story therer17;s a URL that is for the official NTSB accident report ****ociated with the story. So when you finish one, you can go look up the accident report if you want to.

CloudDancerr17;s Alaskan Chronicles, Vol. III, r0;The Tragediesr1; couldnr17;t be more different from his first two books. Whoever he is, I hope this guy keeps writing them. You can see his books at:

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