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Posted on 22-09-2008 02:53
Greetings all: I am new to the forum so bear with me if I make a mistake.
Here is the problem;
I just installed Microsoft SP3 and it completely destroyed my HDD. Thank you Microsoft. After formatting and reinstalling required drivers I got the machine up and running. I have a homebuilt
Atholon64 4000 overclocked to 2.64ghz on a ASUS A8N32-SLI Mobo duel SLI video cards 2 gigs of corsair pc3200 ram with 2 HDD /200 gigs of space
When I try to reinstall FSX it hangs on the second disk and my disk drive labels it UFD.When I click on it my computer crashes and reboots! Does this have anything to do with there anti **** thing. When I reformatted did it remove whatever was there that identifies my machine and not a new install?
I have gone thru the registry but there is no mention of FSX files anywhere
Up until last Thursday I had no problems. Any help or advise on where to go would sure be appreciated.
Thanks, agpilot
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