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Author I have a defective disk file ""


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Posted on 10-12-2008 09:47
I copied all three DVD's of the Deluxe Gold edition to my hard drive. In the process I discovered that one (and only 1) file "" has a Crc check error.
I looked at the disk, and there is an obvious 'ding' in it, which is the source of my error, I am sure.
I called MS replacement parts and they are sending me a new set, but it won't be here for 10-12 business days, and I am trying to get FSX up for my grandson at Christmas.
Can anyone suggest a way that I could get the file that is broken, aside from waiting for MS's slow boat from Puerto Rico (no joke!)?

If I can get a copy of the missing file, I think I can install FSX from the hard drive image, which is already on my Grandson's computer.

Any help will be appreciated.

John C Alderman, Jr.
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Author RE: Microsoft Security


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Posted on 10-05-2009 20:57
That will have to be of the cause of Microsoft Security or you just didn't copy it correctly. Send Private Message