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Author Problem with Download-Skin (Helicopter)


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Posted on 06-02-2010 18:43

I use the helicopter from the Download "EC-135 Package" of
Sebastian Hecker on page (third Download of below) and had to download it to me again. Unfortunately I have at all loaded Helicopter-Skins the problem that I can switch off the engines<A[engines|motors]>, but I can not call in more. Maybe a mistake consists<A[consists|exists]> in the attitudes<A[attitudes|settings]>, because the same old Download functioned. Standard-helicopters function, however, in a very normal way.
I opened the unpacked gedownloadete file, copied only into SimObjects/Rotorcraft the folder<A[folder|file]> contained in that simply. Helicopter with Sound and texture is to be seen in the game. Also I can fly it in a normal way.
I copy the unpacked folders<A[folders|files]> into MFSX/SimObjects/Rotorcraft in a very normal way.
I installed the game once more separately for that on C: (Standard path)
I checked the attitudes<A[attitudes|settings]>: STRG+E to the engine<A[engine|motor]> start, STRG+Q to the scolded!

I hope you can help me.


This is translate with a Translator! Maybe you can write the answere in german or german+english?
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