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Author FSX Using two monitors


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Posted on 29-04-2010 19:10
I have a video card that supports dual monitors and they work quite well when I am doing text editing and writing.I can't figure out how to expand the FSX display so it spreads over both monitors. Can someone tell me how to do this?
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Author RE: FSX Using two monitors


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Posted on 29-04-2010 19:11
If you have windows XP and an Nvidia card, you'll be able to combine both monitors "into one" using horizontal span mode in the Nvidia control panel. However, that only works with XP, as Windows Vista changed the way the GUI worked. I use 3 26"'s via ATi's Eyefinity, which only works under 7 (and maybe Vista, not sure). I believe these, Tripple(Dual)Head2Go,and SoftTH are the only ways to get multi-monitors in games. You may be able to drag the FSX window from monitor 1 over to 2, but I believe the FPS will drop a lot and one screen may end up being black.
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