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Author Assigned Keys


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Posted on 30-04-2010 02:56
I want to assign 2 keys, one for Taxi Lights and one for Logo lights... I went to the control settings and assign controls and keys, someone know how?
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Author RE: ****igned Keys


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Posted on 30-04-2010 02:57
go to settings then to assigments and find the taxi and the logo lights, assign a key for them.

WARNING: be careful not to assign a key that another assignment already have, for example, don't assign Ctrl+E or P, etc because Ctrl+E is already ****igned as start engines, and P is assigned as Pause, etc.
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Author RE: assing keys


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Posted on 19-04-2011 03:19
I have a simple solution to the brakes for moving around the tarmack and lining up for takeoff.
The left and right brakes are assigned to keys that require you two press to keys...I moved these to the directional keys(left and right) on my key pad.....Period key still works for both breaks, and moving about the airport is much easier now.
Happy flights...

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