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Author approach the runway


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Posted on 21-08-2010 00:34
am having problems with determining from which direction I should approach and land on any particular runway. I know that one must land facing the oncoming wind.

Before I depart my origin, using actual weather, I view the map and it shows the arrows illustrating the wind and the direction it's coming from. For example if the arrows are pointing south, that means it's a north wind and I would naturally approach from the south facing the north winds head on.
However, this does not always prove to be accurate. Sometimes I notice on final approach that I'm getting ready to land on a runway that's has planes lined up ready to collide right into my aircraft because I'm coming in from the wrong direction. I'm talking about my AI aircraft which are quite active.
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Author RE: approach the runway


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Posted on 21-08-2010 00:35
You can find airport maps for the US by following this link: click on the "airport" tab and enter the name of the airport you are looking for. smiley

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