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Author how do you choose which runway to land on


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Posted on 05-09-2010 19:37
When I fly an ifr flight or a vfr flight and I start communicating with the ATC, after a while they tell me to land at a certain runway (In this case at Calgary Intl- Runway 34) I dont want to land at this runway

My Airplane =
Runway number= 34 or 16
----- = the actual runway.
-->-->-->-->= my direction of travel

-->-->-->-->-->--> 16---------34
The ATC tells me to land at runway 34. It would be a lot easier for me to land at runway 16 wouldn't it? Sometime in an IFR flight the ATC menu says: Select different approach. So I tried that and selecte ILS 16. I made the request to the ATC and they told me to make the approach to runway 16 and then circle to land at runway 34.
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Author RE: how do you choose which runway to land on


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Posted on 05-09-2010 19:38
No you cant if you are using real weather updates.

-->-->-->-->16-----------34 if the wind is blowing closer to the way 16 is then you will land on 34 because you need to land in the closer direction into the wind.
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