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Author whats a bdp file?


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Posted on 06-09-2006 02:58
Can anyone tell me what a bdp file is?I read you should delete this file if installing a new plane in CFS3.Is this a good pratice?
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Author RE: whats a bdp file?


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Posted on 07-09-2006 07:02
CFS3 creates files with the extension of bdp to create a quick numeric reference as to the content and properties of the aircraft, weapon, gun and other files used in the game. In essence, this is what CFS3 is using to compare to other online players to ensure the aircraft and weapons files match and are a key component to the anti-cheat mechanism. These BDP files are created on the fly when CFS3 starts ONLY if they dont already exist. They will already exist for the stock aircraft and other add-on aircraft that you already have and have flown. When adding a new plane, the BDP files are not provided and thus will automatically be created the next time you restart CFS3.
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