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Author Changing the Planes Nationality


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Posted on 30-07-2011 00:38
Hi guyz...

Recently bought a copy of CFS3 because of all the great Forums and Planes available. I do have several questions in regards Nationality of the Planes. Firstly, how do I change the Planes Nationality? Is it in the Planes "Aircraft.config" somewhere. Secondly, can I add a Nationality to the CFS3 Screen? Currently, it's only British, German and American Folders. Can I ad more? Thanx in advance for any help....MARK
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Author RE: Changing the Planes Nationality


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Posted on 30-07-2011 01:42
you can change nationality of each plane opening his folder and searching for a file with extension.xdp

change the part red colored

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<General Allegience="1" LongName="Bf 109G-10" ShortName="Bf 109G-10" ModelName="bf_109G_10.m3d" BlastDamageScale="1.0" ImpactDamageScale="1.0" FireDamageScale="1.0" Priority="1" Type="moving" EnteredService="04/17/1944" LeftService="12/1/1957" BlastDamageMod="1" ImpactDamageMod="1" FireDamageMod="1" Category="fighter_bomber" Country="germany" AllowSpawn="y" InfoURL="help\topics\infobf109.htm" ChecklistURL="help\topics\infobf109.htm">

about adding more countries look into cfs3 utilities section files

CFS3 Nationality Expansion Kit series...there are some...never used but should work
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