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Author Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro vs CFS3


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Posted on 24-02-2007 04:34
My Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro stick woeks normally until I fire the guns. After I fire the stick starts shaking in the fore-aft axis very hard. the only way to reinitialize it is to reboot. But after I fire the guns again the shake returns.

Has anyone else experienced this problem with the Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro stick and if so - what's the fix?

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Author RE: Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro vs CFS3


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Posted on 24-02-2007 04:35
1. Calibrated the stick
2. Set the nulls to zero

To do both select "Options" Tab at upper right of screen. Click on "Control Options" on the pull-down menu. The "Control Options" page has two pages, "Assignments" and "Sensitivities". To bring the "Sensitivities" page up, click on its tab on the right side of your screen. From the "Sensitivities" page you can calibrate your stick and adjust the nulls.

To calibrate the stick, select "Calibrate" then select "Properties" on the Sidewinder Screen. Set "Force Feedback" slider to "Low" and the "Return to Center" slider to "Rigid". Click on "Apply" then "OK"

On the "Sensitivities" screen you will see the "Null" sliders on the lower right. Set the nulls to zero (extreme left) on all four axes.
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