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Author Pop up windows warnings FS2004


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Posted on 02-03-2007 05:16
What do I do with the pop up warings of FSSim.dll, FSuipc.dill and Soarec.dill, this pop up at the begining of loading FS9?
Do I say Ok to load software even though FS9 warns me they may be incompatible or do I say No?

Can these files be put into FS9 program so they will not pop up?
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Author RE: Pop up windows warnings FS2004


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Posted on 02-03-2007 05:16
You might want to check and make sure you are loading the correct version for FS2004. The only other way to avoid this is to put a statement in fs9.cfg as follows
Old files
and so on for each old dll you are using.
BEWARE that to make sure this is the right version otherwise it might cause unwanted results.

what this does is tell fs9 that you are using dll files from an earlier version of MSFS .
the 1 means true 0 = false
I think I got the format right the word OLD FILES might need parenthise around it.
At work so I can not check
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