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Author MSFS2004 Error-AUXSOURCE and ai_playr.dll?


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Posted on 30-09-2006 17:58
Dear Members,

I have all the UK2000 Scenery Packs 1 through 8 installed and MSFS2004 updated to 9.1, but i have had a crash to desktop. When i look in Event Manager i get an error message, which mentions AUXSOURCE and ai_playr.dll.

Does anyone know how to stop this error coming through. I have done everything from reinstalling MSFS2004 and also deleting the fs9.cfg file so MSFS2004 can rebuild its self.

Does anyone recommend that i download a dll fixer like SmartFix or any such programme, or would that make things worse.

Any help would be great, obviously im not that understanding about dlls and code so plain english description of how to fix it would be fantastic.

The software in running in conjuction to MSFS2004 is as follows,

ActiveSky v6.
Radar Contact v4.2

Thank you,


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