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Author AI Aircraft and Flight Plans


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Posted on 25-03-2007 23:07
Hi there.
i am new to this and while searching I saw AI Aircraft and AI Flight plans. I have two questions:
1. What is AI aircraft?
2. If i download AI aircraft do i need to download AI flight plans?
Thanks in advance
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Author RE: AI Aircraft and Flight Plans


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Posted on 25-03-2007 23:07
1. AI(Artificial Intelligence) aircraft are the program controlled aircraft that you see as traffic.

2. AI aircraft require a flight plan, it's the programing that tells the AI aircraft what to do and when.

If you want Ai traffic i reccomend you buy traffic 2005. its about 20, and is really good. i just got and i really like it, especially because as well as ai traffic etc, you also get loads of aircraft as options, though there not tht good, there ok
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