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Author Visual flight path


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Posted on 25-04-2007 22:11
I need help with flight path ive tried many a time with it it just never appears only very occasionly i Click "Enable" etc but nothing what are the signifciant things to able the visual flight path as i am traing cheers thanks o btw tell me urself don't just get something from the learning center as it hasn't helped
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Author RE: Visual flight path


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Posted on 25-04-2007 22:11
Visual Flight Path

1. Load default flight(KSEA) using the Cessna 172, runway 34R.

2. Set NAV 1 radio to ILS frequency 110.3 in the active position.

3.Select top menu, Aircraft, Visual Flight Path.
a. check enable
b. Number of guides [High]
c. distance [Medium]

4. Takeoff and circle around south of the airport (altitude of about 3000 feet)and you will see the indicators describing the ILS course to runway 34R KSEA.

Note: For VOR course, you have to enter the desired altitude of markers.
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