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Author how do you stop a stall


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Posted on 25-04-2007 22:13
does anybody know how to stop a stall?
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Author RE: how do you stop a stall


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Posted on 25-04-2007 22:13
Most importantly dont find yourself in a stalling situation. Recognise the symtoms of an approaching stall.

1- Increasingly Slow airspeed
2- Sloppy ineffective controls
3- Buffet of the Nose
4- Possible stall warner sounding
5- Unusually high nose attitude for the manoeuver being flown.

Normal Stall

Release back pressure from Control column to allow the nose to lower in a controlled manner. Do not, however, over lower the nose, remember a good SSR is one with a minimal loss of height. On approach or takeoff you may not have the luxury of lots of height below you to work with. Smoothly Apply Full Power and use apply rudder to counteract any adverse yaw. Do not move the ailerons at all until you have noted that the airspeed has increased to a speed above the stall speed. The wings are now unstalled so you can operate the ailerons and increase the attitude again, easing the aircraft into a climb.

Stall with spin

As before this time pay attention to greater use of the rudder. Apply opposite yaw to the direction of spin to ease the aircraft out of the spin. Before applying the rudder verify the direction of rudder required by referring to the slip ball turn coordinator. Again when the aircraft airspeed has increased sufficiently and the wings are unstalled you can then use the ailerons to correct the flight attitude and ease the aircraft into a safe climb. Most proabably you will practice a Stall with a spin when using full flap. Make sure that once the aircraft has come out of the spin you take away the drag flap. Then once you have a positive rate of climb after applying full power, take away the final stage of flap.
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