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Author gawd..more help plz


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Posted on 15-06-2007 22:45
thank you very much for your quick reply on my last thread, but....i have followed the instructions 21 times....still no extra aircraft installed...some were just paint jobs i think? is there anyway that someone can take me through the installation process step by step plz? as i said...idiot!!!proofsmiley i have updated my profile with msn address if anyone has the time and patience.thank you
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Author RE: gawd..more help plz
geoff cox


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Posted on 18-06-2007 19:00
Let me start by saying I'm no expert, but I've found that trial and error is a good thing
1. get Winzip its available all over the place
2. down load stand alone files [a repaint is usually stated as such]
3. unzip the files [this will open all files onto one page]
4. select next on the Winzip popup
4a. options, in the top box 'download to unzipped folder' select next,
in the popup select no,
select next [this will create a folder in my docs]
5. you should now have a folder containing all sub folders, which can now be dragged and dropped into your main aicraft folder in 2004. Then the a/c should be in your menu when you open fs

I had a hell of a time with missing gauges or textures and such, but I fiddled, I deleted and started again, now I have over 400 a/c to play with. I've found that fs is pretty tough and will forgive a lot of mistakes

regards geoff
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