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Posted on 23-06-2007 21:33
thanks to geof and jack for your help....finally got it....d'laoded a bae146 and worked well except for interuptions sayin (near landing) that the scenery files may be missing!) no prob though..landed safely!
total novice here, i followed all the instuctions given...still didnt work until! i realised that hte best way to add instructions say...temp folder, unzip in there, create the new aircraft with the extras and then copy and paste then into aircraft! that was the stumbling block that i kept coming across...everytime i downloaded an aircraft and did as instuction says nothing appeared, until i thought about adding the file to aircraft!(well where else is it gonna go? lol) the only prob with my first d'load...the panel was and is the same as the 747 but...time and patience will sort and a little bit of experimenting! ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that be dangerous thoughts! at the mo!
once again thanks to you all for your great help
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Posted on 23-06-2007 22:00
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