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Posted on 13-07-2007 15:18
okays...lets go back a bit...remember the commodore 68? or the zx spectrum or the amstrad? lol....i had em..and thats what got me started with flight sims? very very basic but gr8 for the "wanna b" pilots. graphics etc were (looking back) crap but they gave you the chance to do what you yearned have moved on in leaps and bounds.(i know a captain who works for globespan and he uses fs2002 to try out the airports he gotta go to where he never been. he says that it gives him better ideas of what he got in front of him. n1! and he says that its pretty acurate all but the terrain! point...when i had sims on the old commodore, basis as they were they did provide a wee bit of fun, and difference, i remember a prog called atc. now microsoft aint come up with a good (today) type prog that allows the "wanna be's" try it out and be an atc controller.pity! but...most the downloads and the included files on fs are brill...i just wish that there was a better interaction between "us" who love sims and the challenge to have a better to have atc control, to have better interaction between players and to have more realistic scenery! not just the usa. but the try on basic 2002 to create a flight between new york and are sent due south of mainland europe (spain or gismiley to mid west africa..then sharp turn to north? no way is that the route! gps ok...but i prefer ils high altitude. which is how the real planes go! going back...atc control? why cant we have a prog that allows us to just do that and nothing different levels? or be able to create our own flight plans from the "real" world? weather included!(real) and scenery (maybe taken from google earth!)
ok...lets hear the answers? lol....would love to start a situation where we as wanna be pilots can have a better sim experience and more fun and more testing stuff.
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