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Posted on 09-08-2007 09:32
recently ugraded to Vista, seemingly easy enough was running fs9 with Club ATI Radeon 256mb AGP card and was getting about 26fps average on most aircraft apart from PMDG. Noticed that with the CPU gadget in vista that my cpu was running at 100% and ram at about 75% while using fs9.
Bearing in mind that I haven't upgraded my ram yet, still only 1gb, I thought well the ram figure ain't bad. However when playing fs9 and going to the menu to change a setting or weather, well anything really, then returning to the game I was faced with a black screen or just the 2d cockpit with black where the scenery should be.
Thinking I might help the system out a bit I have just bought a nVidia GeForce 7300gt 512mb AGP card and installed that, I hasten to add, yes I did have the correct drivers for vista.
Well me being a stickler for detail I performed a test with the radeon before I uninstalled it, checking fps and such like in various conditions and aircraft.
After installing the nvidia card I was rubbing my hands, shouting to my wife to come and check this out, only to be sadly dissappointed by the results.
With the nvidia card, which states on the box that with the gddr2 this helps relieve the cpu workload, the cpu percentage was the same the ram percentage was the same and the fps were on acerage 2 to 3 fps less than the radeon, how can this be as it is twice the size.

I then decided on a flight test, just a cessna 172 from tacoma, total S**T, sometimes the fps was down to 7 and I even went into fs9 settings and turned a load down. Even then when the fps were in the late 20's the screen was so jerky, like the redraw is just not fast enough.

Has anyone else had similar issues?, I would like to figure this out somehow.
The usual story, you cannot take the stuff back to the shop unless it is faulty, which according to test I run with 3DMARK03 it far out preforms the radeon, as one would expect.

Is there an issue with fs9 and nvidia?

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