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Author Parking Aircraft and AI flight plans


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Posted on 17-01-2007 02:20
I've been tinkering with "AFCAD", "Traffic Changer", "TTools", and "SimpleAI" for a couple of weeks now. I'm not having any luck or making any headway. I want to add some military traffic to a few airbases. I would settle for just being able to park a few static aircraft on the hardstands to make it a little more interesting. Is there a program that I can use to add parked aircraft to scenery? Would someone please take this poor fool under their wing and help me out with AI plans?
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Author RE: Parking Aircraft and AI flight plans
geoff cox


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Posted on 18-06-2007 19:23

Where you see the airports Iíve referenced, (KOWD, KHYA, KMVY) replace them with the airports youíve selected in your Airports_xxxx.txt file. Each plan has only one leg to keep things simple.

* AC#1,N1382,80%,4Hr,VFR,12:00,,025,R,0000,KHYA,14:00,,025,R,0000,KOWD

The flight plan below is a simple, one leg plan. Lets break it down.

AC#1 Refers to the A/C of the same # in the Aircraft_xxxx.txt file. N1382 The A/Cís tail #.

80% Indicates that the A/C will appear if the traffic slider in the sim is at 80% or above.

4Hr The repeat time is every 4hrs, which means the AI cycle starts at midnight every day and repeats itself every 4Hrs.

VFR Self explanatory smiley.

12:00,, The DC-3 departs KOWD at 12:00Z. Arrival at KHYA (,,) will be determined automatically by TT when we compile.

14:00,, It departs KHYA at 14:00, and arrives back at KOWD

25 Cruising altitude is 2,500í.

R ATC will use the tail # instead of a flight #.

0000 A flight #, if used, would go here.

KHYA The 1st (and only in this case) destination A/P.

KOWD The first departure, and final destination A/P.

FP's can have many departure airports (legs) but must end at departure airport

this is what I used to try and get a handle on things, I'm sorry that i cant'n remember writer's name, but with this as a guide, I was successful.

I hope he helps me as he helped me,

regards geoff
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