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Posted on 09-03-2008 08:29
I just got the FS2004 and am I having fun. I am 68, and was never in the position to fly. I have loved airplanes all my life and was huge reader of Biggles and technical books on aircraft. I am doing well with the sim in spite of not having the stick and pedals I want yet. I seem to have got the hang of the Spitfire. I use the Cessna 172 for most of my practice as i know that aircraft well. I use to charter it for aerial photography.

I just did a sim flight with the 172 around the Kennedy Space Centre, flying close to a Shuttle on the launch pad and landing on the shuttle runway. Of course, in real life I would have done my pilot's licence, car licence, marriage licence, shooter's licence, licence to kill etc and spent the term of my natural life in the slammer. The dream of my life would be to go the ISS in the Shuttle. I do have a Shuttle sim. Space is my love.

How one dreams.

Robert Tobin
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Author RE: Rookie flying


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Posted on 09-03-2008 21:00
There are many sceneries and aircrafts addons about the shuttle into fs2004 least you can realize a virtual dream.smiley
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