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Author Looking for this aircraft


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Posted on 05-02-2010 05:47
Think I posted this in the wrong place, hopefully this is the right one, I been searching for this aircraft for my dad but having no luck I hope someone can help me, he has the FS2004 ver, but said if I could even find the texture just like the pictures in fsx that would be okay

Fs2004 Douglas A-26C Rosenbalm

I'm trying to find this plane for my dad, he lovers his water bombers, and this is one that he worked along side in his days with the Alberta Forestry Service and would love to add this to his collection of present water bombers, if any knows of a working link, please, please posted it for me, I love this site, Even if its only the texture files, as he good at repaints & texture profiling. I myself have both FS2004 & FSX versions, & from this site I have a good fleet of aircrafts.
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