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Author building airports


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Posted on 18-04-2011 22:45
can anyone help ?. I would like to build a private airstrip....It would be close to my home location....The closes airport to me is 55 miles away, so i would like to place one closer to where my home would be in the sim....I have the seattle waterways for the airport for sea planes, can this altered for placement in a differant location?
Also is there anyway to move the control tower view to the outside of the tower?......This strip would have no tower being private.....i also need to move the tower control to the closes airport.....

I would also like to know if there are any Serversky AT-12 Guards,an or Serversky P-35 aircraft available for download....I have not been able to find any....?
Thank you for the time....Craig

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Author RE: building airports


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Posted on 18-04-2011 23:55
hello to build your airport you can use ade, airport design editor

read there
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