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Author Fractured Aircraft


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Posted on 21-06-2011 03:52
Problem: (1) choose an aircraft; flight it; (2) choose another aircraft, here the problems begin:
a) I'll get the right aircraft but either the sound and/or the guages for the aircraft flown prior to the second one I chose.
smiley I always get the aircraft I want, it's just the insides that are screwed up.
c) it's not one or the other. At times I'll get both the guages and the engine sounds from the prior aircraft.

Any takers on this one?
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Author RE: Fractured Aircraft


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Posted on 21-06-2011 14:54
??? not understanding. Did you mean that you select an aircraft and then another one and you have the gau and sound of previous? this seems a problem of low ram into your pc.

did you ever make a defrag on your pc?

Also many aircrafts free use default sound and gau, do not know if this is the event.
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