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Author Fs9 Error Plz Help


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Posted on 30-06-2006 15:53
Hi all,
Ok i have had this error a few times now and on certain aircraft that i download for some reason when it goes to load the textures and stuff....normal loading before you fly. It stops loading and gives me an error saying "An Error has orrured with Fs9 cannot open GAUGE.Cessna.208".

This does not happen with some of the aircraft i download, but what the hell does a cessna gauge have to do with the an-27 i downloaded or the 747 i downloaded. Dont these aircraft have different Gauges.

Im not to sure what to do, as im running out of ideas.

Any help would be great.

Thank you,

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Author RE: Fs9 Error Plz Help


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Posted on 01-07-2006 17:53
check if inside the panel.cfg of your aircraft there is a line with that gauge...if is named delete all that line, if there isn't probably your fs9 installation goes corrupted...and you need to reinstall all, if you post the complete title and page of the file give you the problem i can check for you
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