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Author jetwalk


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Posted on 19-01-2008 02:39
i have tried pressing ctrl + j with both a 747 and 737 at the designated area but nothing happens please help
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Author RE: jetwalk


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Posted on 21-01-2008 05:46
Are you using default FSX 747-400 and 737-800? If you are using add-on aircrafts, jetways never work with any add-on aircrafts.

If you are using default FSX 747-400 or 737-800, make sure your planes are in correct docking position according to lines on ground. If they are outside of docking position, jetways will not dock.


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Author RE: jetwalk


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Posted on 09-02-2008 04:44
ive noticed that if your at some regonal airports it wont work with larger planes like 747's if your at a regonal try a crj-700smiley

formly know as pilotteen
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