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Posted on 23-03-2008 22:06

All Flyingdash products no need any special software, just to plug it in any USB port.
All our products are dashboards for Flight Simulator (control panel), in order to ****ign desired task on all the switches included on the desired model. (Flyingdash Pro (STD and BIG): 112 operations, Flyingdash 40: 40 operations, Flyingdash 20: 20 operations, Flyingdash 10: 11 operations)
So, you can let behind the keyboard for the desired tasks that you ****ign to the switches of the Flyingdash.

We ship all our products with an explanation CD "How to configure it" in 4 languages (english, french, spanish and italian), to show how to configure Flight Simulator in order to ****ign the desired task on the desired switch of the Flyingdash.
For The Flyingdash Pro (STANDARD / BIG CASE) / Flyingdash 40 Colors / Flyingdash 20 Colors, like they have predetermined switches, is also included in the CD, the way to configure it in just one shot for all the switches of the Flyingdash by just replacing the FS9.cfg file (for FS 2004) by the one included on the CD, the same way too for FSX.

Flyingdash is compatible with all Microsoft Flight Simulator known versions until the last one FSX.

You can buy now Flyingdash products at
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